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    $125 Players Card

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    $125 Players Card

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    $125 Players Card

By purchasing the $125 preferred players card membership you receive all of the following:

Drastically Reduced Green Fees

Receive the best rates off the normal green fee anytime of anyday (see rates below).

Early Bird Special

Paying your membership fee by May 1st will entitle members to one FREE 18 hole round of golf which can be played anytime during the season.

Preferred Guest Rates

Members are allowed to bring one (1) guest with every visit at Guest preferred rates. Your Membership Card must be presented to obtain this special guest privilege.

Merchandise Discounts

As a member you will receive discounts on all Sawmill Creek Apparrel including, shirts, outerwear, gloves, shoes, clubs and much..much more.

Special Member Only E-Deals

Receive your greatest savings here. Sawmill Creek's golf staff will email its membership special deals that only they can take advantage of. Save as much as $100 a week in member only E-Deals.

 Member Green FeesGuest Green FeesMember Cart Fees (per person)
18 Holes $34.00 $44.00 $16.00
9 Holes $17.00 $22.00 $8.00

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